The Indian Scenario Today

Growth of world class properties: Rapidly growing demand for management of world class properties with high end interiors by professionals.

Vibrant space consciousness: Very high consciousness to own world standard quality spaces and facilities for the work force.

The concept of integrated management: The concept to integrate management of all facilities in a property is gaining high acceptance due attractive management and cost benefits.

Shortage of credible professionals: Shortage of high credibility professional Property and Asset Management companies to meet the demand volume.


Matching management of word class real estate: Growing consciousness to maintain and preserve high cost real estate by professionals to deliver matching management standards.

High dividend accruals in integrating management: There is high recognition of benefits to go for integrated management. Reasons are as follows.

Single contract: Ease of dealing and managing with a single service provider for all facilities.

Cost Savings (Reduced cost of contract: The high work volume drives reduction in cost of management.

Valuable time of Developer spared: More time available to concentrate on core business rather than in managing the facilities.

Ease of addressing “Environmental Health and Safety” (EHS): Funds saved may be utilized for addressing mandatory EHS compliances.

Growth Forecasts: By very conservative estimates a growth of 15 to 20% from 2015 to 2018 is round the corner in view of the policies mechanizations of the Indian Government.

Positioning of Vyom Facility India Pvt Ltd. : The present brand status of Vyom Facility India Pvt Ltd. as a credible professional for integrated facilities of a world class property in the market makes it an obvious choice. Developer’s view is the focal theme behind which Vyom Facility India Pvt Ltd. has fashioned itself.