Nimbus Harbor as Collaborators

Nimbus Harbor offers collaboration in the management of facilities in the properties. An established brand in the management of facilities in the properties.

We have right personnel with High skill sets with rich experience is in the management of facilities in properties of all types. Viz. Commercial, condominiums, Malls etc

Acid test of Management of facilities in a property is not only to achieve client’s satisfaction but to earn his respect and confidence because he pays for the CAM.

Clients demand excellent facilities as per promise made failing which they might lose confidence in the Management.

Why hire manpower and manage yourself?

The Only benefit could be cost saving; but that is a false assumption. It proves to be costly in the long run.

Why not collaborate with a professional agency !

Nimbus Harbor, a professional agency will act as a buffer to face all challenges/complaints thrown by the clients.

Buffer can be used by you to shift all responsibilities.

Can help you avoid legal implications.

With its varied and rich experience can help you in resolving disputes with clients.